Religion Live Sax – Saturday 9th May

religion-largeWelcome to the world of Religion….

Launched Saturday 8th December Religion is rooting itself to a new night culture, bringing together a mixture of 2 different social scenes and giving the forefront of commercial house to a new concept in nightlife.

Religion is devoted to the pursuit of individual style, you could say bringing back the good old days. Inspired from the UK’s elite parties, MODE, they plan in shaping the brand’s signature to a complete different audience.

Guest-list – £10 – prior to 2am
Guest-list – £15 – post 2am
Non-Guest-list – £13
VIP – £20 (Minimum) – Please request upon arrival.

Opening: 10:30 pm till 5am
Music Policy: Commercial House & RNB
Dress Code: Fashionable and Stylish

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